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Home Learning 12.02.16

Homelearning July 3rd 2015

Our trip to the Science Museum

This week, Pickwick class visited the Science Museum. We got to take part in lots of different science activities. First of all, we were challenged to do a treasure hunt in the inventions… Continue reading

Home Learning 17th April 2015

Home Learning- Friday 12th June 2015

Home learning Friday 5th June 2015

More Dancing!

Hello, again we do dancing with Deleine! This time we watched a video clip that had three dancers. She asked us to tell her what the they thought the dance was about; people… Continue reading

Home Learning 22nd May 2015

Class elections – we had our own election based on the real UK one

Hello again! Today we have been learning about governments, parties, presidents and lots of complicated words. Slowly following 10 steps on how to run an election, we have been making great progress; we… Continue reading